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Google Removes AdWords Query Data, Internet Explodes

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[Not Provided] But Google...Why?

When Google announced the new (not provided) stance for organic search queries back in fall 2013, I thought the Internet might break under the weight of thousands of SEO blogs rending their garments. A similar scene has played out in the PPC world after last week’s announcement that Google’s newest “security enhancements” would extend secure search to all paid search ads. Apparently, PPCs aren’t any more cool and collected than SEOs, who at least had the excuse of actually experiencing a huge industry shift. For every one blog   …Continue Reading

The Amazing Future of 3D Mapping and Contextual Search

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portal sentry bot

It’s Sunday in 2017, and you’re navigating a giant, over-lit Kroger trying to complete this week’s grocery list. As you pass by the vague “International” aisle, your phone buzzes with a notification: “You read an enchilada recipe yesterday. Some of the ingredients you need are down that aisle, on the left.” Part helpful, part creepy, this is the probable future of consumer/product interaction made possible through perceptual computing. Perceptual computing is a broad and bourgeoning field. For now, we’ll discuss it in terms of a machine’s   …Continue Reading

Moz Local: 4 Necessary Changes for Longterm Success

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maps 2

On Tuesday, March 18th, Moz rolled out an updated version of GetListed.org rebranded as Moz Local. Much like GetListed.org, Moz Local allows you to check your business’ listings and see how close they are to 100% completion and accuracy. The difference between Moz Local and GetListed is that Moz Local is a local SEO platform designed to help businesses enhance their local presence. It is supposed to help businesses efficiently update their listings so that they are consistent across the web. As an enthusiast of local SEO,   …Continue Reading

Bonobos Does E-commerce Right

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e-commerce Bonobos

E-commerce sites often have inherent qualities like duplicate content, deep product catalogs, and shallow copy that can make it difficult to gain traction on Google, Bing, and other search engines. However, many brands are proving that this whole e-commerce thing can be done right including Bonobos – the largest apparel brand ever built on the web in the U.S. This rapidly growing and rabidly followed online men’s fashion retailer, known for well-tailored preppy clothes with an edge, differentiates itself from other online retailers and apparel companies   …Continue Reading

4 Jobs for Matt Cutts After Webspam Is Eliminated

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Matt Cutts as a Coroner Head

For those who don’t know, Matt Cutts is the fearless leader of Google’s Webspam team. It’s Matt’s job to solve issues with search engine optimization to improve search quality. In short, he weeds out shady SEO tactics that game Google’s algorithm. Matt hunts spam. Matt kills spam. Matt Cutts is good at his job – maybe too good. He’s always uncovering spammy tactics, warning SEOs, handing out penalties, and fighting irrelevant content right out of the search results. If Matt does his job right, though, he’ll   …Continue Reading

PPC Skills To Know After The Google Online Marketing Challenge

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Google Online Marketing Challenge Logo

First off, I want to note what an amazing opportunity the Google Online Marketing Challenge (GOMC) is for young adults seeking a potential career in paid search advertising. I want to congratulate you on your participation in the GOMC and encourage you to take full advantage of the challenge, your professors, and Google’s resources during this time. Being a former participant, I found myself with a whole new career path after the challenge and landed a job I truly enjoy walking into every day here at   …Continue Reading

Proving the Power of Hangouts On Air

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At this point, your company has probably been spending endless hours and resources focusing on Google+, right? You’ve been adding customers to your circles, joining communities, sharing content, and getting +1s left and right. What’s that? You’re not doing any of those things? We didn’t think so. Like many others, you’ve been skeptical and hesitant to embrace Google+. Well, the good news is you’re not alone. The bad news is you’re missing out on a serious opportunity to increase your influence, drive sales, and market your   …Continue Reading

4 Bid Management Softwares for the Average Sized Agency

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Y U No

We’ve all had to do it, waste away the day manually adjusting bids to push our client’s ads in the coveted top 3 positions. On my list of optimizations to make, while it might just be one of the simplest, it is also by far the most tedious. Hence the beginning of my search for the best bid management software to help automate the process of bidding while still not handing over full control. I came across several bid management software comparison posts which at first I   …Continue Reading

Wise Words with Coffitivity

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Recently we had the pleasure of hanging out with two of the most promising Entrepreneurial minds in the Richmond community: ACe Callwood and Justin Kauszler. For those of you that aren’t aware, they are the masterminds behind the website Coffitivity. Coffitivity seamlessly streams the ambience of a coffee shop through your computer to boost your productivity and save you that $4.00 over-priced mocha-frapa-something. Seems simple right? Well, it is; and that’s the whole point. As ACe himself puts it, “It’s stupidly simple”. And in that lies   …Continue Reading

How to Quickly Create Endlessly Successful & Shareble Content with BuzzSumo

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Do this to content deadlines.

With the ever increasing pressure to create and deliver epic content in a timely fashion savvy content marketers have discovered and are utilizing a new content marketing tool called BuzzSumo to help them accelerate their creation and outreach process. While BuzzSumo might not be the only arrow in your quiver, it is certainly one of the more powerful ones.  Let’s look at some quick ways to use this new tool to: Quickly discover trending content & historically popular content in any niche Quickly discover popular content on any   …Continue Reading